My agentless devices (vmware and chromeboxes) have stopped doing inventory. Heartbeat is good. Neither the daily or force inventory is working. This happened one time before on the vmware stuff and in the logs I saw it was a credential issue. This time the logs haven't updated since the last reboot of the kace server. It's like it's not even trying. The status messages are the same on both vmware and chromeboxes.

Agentless Inventory Status Messages (6)
[01/08/2018 09:51:43] Agentless inventory started.
[01/08/2018 09:51:43] Connecting to system.
[01/08/2018 09:51:44] Collecting inventory data.
[01/08/2018 09:51:44] Closing connection to system.
[01/08/2018 09:51:44] Submitting inventory to K1000.
[01/08/2018 09:51:47] Agentless inventory completed with success.

This all started after I updated the bios on the appliance to 2.7.0, which now seems to have been pulled from dell's website. This was done because of the spectre/meltdown vulnerability. I had not been updating the kace appliances when I did the rest of them, but this time went ahead and did them as well.

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Don't update the KBOX BIOS unless quests says so... and if you do it, make sure to download backups first.

Anyway from the looks of that log... it seems the agents are inventorying fine... maybe they already delivered the new info. to the Kbox, but the KBOX is not processing the new info for some reason... (Performance issues or busy with another task?)
Answered 01/24/2018 by: Channeler
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As an update to this ticket. I contacted quest support and they had me do a reboot with database check. After it rebooted, forcing inventory is working correctly. I guess time will tell, but for now that appears to fix it. Any updates in the future on this and I'll try to remember to update this thread.
Answered 01/25/2018 by: five.
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