I have some trouble to deploy software with K1000. I try to deploy a software on Mac but it get stuck and then it fail.

I think that the problem come from a choice during the installation. Here is my script:

# Install Script
INSTALLER_DIR=$(dirname "$0")


install() {


        MOUNT_POINT=$(hdiutil attach -nobrowse "$DMG_NAME" | egrep 'Volumes' | grep -o "/Volumes/.*")
        [ $? != 0 ] && return 1


        ditto -rsrc $APP /Applications/$APPName
        chown -R root:wheel /Applications/$APPName
        chmod -R 777 /Applications/$APPName

        hdiutil detach "$MOUNT_POINT" -quiet


exit 0;

When I try to launch the script the following question will appear in the terminal:
"Agree Y/N ?"

If I want to continue I need to put Y. Is there a way to remove this choice ? Or maybe tell Kace to put Yes during the installation ?
I check the script but I can't find why he is asking me to put Yes in order to continue the installation.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english I hope that you will be able to understand my problem.
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  • Is there a reason why you are installing from a script and not using a standard managed installation?
    • I create an archive containing the installation file (.dmg file) and my script (install.sh) then I upload them in the software catalog.

      So when i'm creating my managed installation I select the good software version from the catalog and I replace the default installation by this: sh ./install.sh
  • If your DMG only contains the .app, then you can just upload it to the software title. The default install behavior for a managed install on macOS is to mount the DMG, if it finds an app, it places it in the /Applications folder. If it finds a package it installs the package.

    If your DMG from the vendor includes other files, then copy it from the DMG to a temporary folder on your machine and create a DMG that contains just the app and upload that.
    • I'm going to try that thanks. I also have a problem with my software catalog, When I install a software on my mac, the software will be added to the software inventory but not in the software catalog. Do you know why ? Is there something like the runkbot command but for the catalog ?
      • The software catalog is great for some purposes, but I find it lacking when it comes to distribution of macOS apps. I generally use the software inventory instead.
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