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4 Keys to Implementing an Application Rationalization Practice

The implementation of a successful application rationalization practice requires that a governance program be put in place that is comprised of:

1. People: Create a cross line-of-business governance body

2. Policies:  Set standards that define an application compliance and rationalization strategy

3. Processes: Workflows to rationalize the existing inventory and handle change events

4. Technology: Automate application rationalization to avoid spreadsheet chaos


To view the entire document please visit http://futurestateit.com/2013/07/09/4-keys-to-implementing-an-application-rationalization-practice/


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Application Rationalization and Migration Case Study

Futurestate IT is happy to share a customer success story. Our friends at Parks Canada, a Federal Government Agency, used AppRx to reduce the number of applications in their portfolio through application rationalization; reducing overall time and cost of their Windows 7 migration. Read the full case study and see how AppRx helped them identify that 50% of apps in their portfolio were candidates for rationalization.  

Download the case study

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Futurestate IT Helps Parks Canada Accelerate Windows 7 Migration with AppRx

Application rationalization is a critical first step in a Windows 7 migration. Key rationalization criteria include application redundancy, health and usage. By rationalizing your applications you can reduce the scope, time and cost of a migration project. Please click here to read how Parks Canada used AppRx, a SaaS solution for application rationalization and compatibility testing, to accelerate their migration project. Please click here to read how Parks Canada used AppRx, a SaaS solution for application rationalization and compatibility testing, to accelerate their migration project.

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Involving the business in your Windows 7 migration

Last week I sat down with a customer who recently completed their Windows 7 Migration to discuss what worked well for them. In their case, they had close to 400 applications that needed to be migrated. One of their primary concerns was getting cooperation from each of the lines of business. In an effort to assist the business units as much as possible and keep them from being a bottleneck during the migration process, they decided to provide each with as much information on their portfolio as possible. The IT group would then ask them to make their rationalization decisions based in part on that intelligence. The benefit here was that the decision makers were given all of the compatibility and support information on their applications at once, so that the bulk of their rationalization decisions could be made quickly. This reduced the amount of resource time that they needed to commit on their side, making timely participation more likely. By actively involving the business units early on, and by providing them with useful intelligence on their portfolios, this customer created a successful partnership that helped deliver the timely migration that they needed.

Learn more about how AppRx can help you accelerate your Windows 7 migration


Are you having any challenges dealing with the lines of business when it comes to your migration project?

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How much can rationalizing an app portfolio save you? Use the free rationalization calculator.

Application bloat, sprawl and decay. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there. And, we know it drives huge operational costs, impedes our ability to adapt to new technology platforms, causes downtime and hinders business productivity. According to a survey by Harris Interactive, 82% of organizations polled said that monetary losses due to sprawled, unused, unresponsive or crashed applications cost their business anywhere from $10 thousand – $20 million per year.

How much will an application rationalization initiative save you?

Simply input the number of employees in your organization and find out.



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