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Right-Click and Install Your MSI/MST with Verbose Log Without Using BAT or CMD

I have come to realize after reading from another blog, http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/easy-way-to-refer-to-an-msi-and-its-mst-via-bat-or-cmd-file and share this little REG file of mine which I have been using for quiet sometime.

Worth trying if you dont want to type everytime you need to install or uninstall with your MSI and MST. It can also create a verbose log on the same folder. Enjoy!

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Install with &TRANSFORMS (MSIName.MST)"

@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\msiexec.exe\" /i \"%1\" TRANSFORMS=\"%1.MST\" /l*v \"%1Install.log\" /qb+"

@="Install with &Verbose Log"

@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\msiexec.exe\" /i \"%1\" /l*v \"%1Install.log\" /qb+"

@="Uninstall with Verbose Log"

@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\msiexec.exe\" /x \"%1\" /l*v \"%1Uninstall.log\" /qb+"

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Looking for Packaging in UK

Hello Mates,

I've been in London for a year now and currently seeking new employer for a packaging role. Sad to say but my 2 year project here in a bank has prematurely ended because of credit crunch. [:@]

I've been packaging for almost 7 years now - Installshield Admin Studio, Wise Package Studio, Winstall and Marimba.

I still have a visa until August 2009. You can send me a private message and I will give you a copy of my CV. I am available immediately.


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Application Packager Looking for Work

- 4 years in Packaging job using Winstall, Marimba and Wise

- 3 years with Marimba Packaging

- Almost a year with Wise Package Studio, currently on training with InstallShield

- Beginner with Altiris (Notification and Deployment Server, Software Delivery and Metering), AD, and SMS 2003

- Well versed with vb scripting, WMI and winbatch...


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Application Packager Applicant

A well-versed in Windows Installer (MSI) commands, scripting and setup authoring, repackaging of applications through the use of Marimba Technology, Wise Studio and Winstall...

I am located in the Philippines and no working VISA to any overseas countries...

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