This is in response to a question asked via Twitter...

"Device" can mean a few things, so I gave examples of three that I hope you will find helpful.

Non-Computer devices: Newly release v6.4 enables use of SNMP GETs to pull values for specific objects. For example, toner levels for printers or the battery charge level for a UPS. Find out more here:

Servers: Monitor server class operating systems' logs like sys log, perf log - almost any log - using a text string search or threshold monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk). You can even use out of the box application log monitorng for the most popular Windows apps like, Exchange, MSSQL, IIS...etc.You decide what to monitor and the severity level of the alert. Find out more here:

Dell Computers: Also, in v6.4, Dell computers equipped with Dell Command | Monitor have built in heathchecks for batteries, monitors, CPU and more.

Simply create notifications to alert you to any health conditions you deem important using these tools mentioned above during your scheduled inventory runs.