A bit of an early view of what is happening with App-V v5.1

To help people migrate from App-V v4.

improved Q:\ drive support when converting v4 packages
added support for multiple scripts per trigger

modernised app-V server user interface.
Consolidated client logging (improved)

Application compatibility
Windows 10 Support
NEW Advanced package editor abilities
Expanded Copy-on Write to support more file extensions
Environment variables are merged in Connection Groups

Package Editor Enhancements

Virtual File System
Package manifest can be exported and imported
can import a directory of files in VFS (Finally!!)
File export/import allows updating VFS without deleting & re-adding

Virtual Registry
Can export/import .REG files (Finally!!)
new find and replace dialog

Browser Helper Objects
Can be enabled or disabled


I am looking forward to testing the new bits in the Package Editor.
When is it out you ask?? This summer, early summer, late summer I don't know, they have just said 'summer'.