I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at this year's AppManagEvent in Utrecht. You may know this as it's former name: the Packaging Event.  In much the same way AppDeploy opted for a broader name, the event name has been updated to better communicate its focus on all things related to software (such as virtualization, compatibility, packaging, deployment, management, etc.). 

I've had the honor of participating a few times in the past, delivering sessions and keynotes. This year I'm excited to be delivering the opening keynote for the event on the topic of how to apply agile methodology to the packaging and deployment process. No matter the size of your team, delivering quality work on schedule is a significant challenge. I wrote a blog post on how one can lean on some of the processes proposed by Scrum in order to help address these challenges. In this session, I will be breaking that down further with more suggestions and examples on how to make it work best for your organization. 

This is a fun event, and what I have always pictured an AppDeploy/ITNinja event to be if we had one. Entrance to the event is free, so you need only talk your employer into covering your travel costs! I hope to see you there!