Trying to install Java JRE1.7.0_05 using a K1000 appliance fails.

Running the application manually as system using psexec or other means also fails.


Start the jre-7u5-windows-i586.exe program manually.  Browse to where it has extracted the temp files (C:\users\<someuserprofile>\appdata\locallow\sun or similar).

Zip together the jre1.7.0_05.msi and files (you can cancel the started installation after this).  Associate the zip file with the jre1.7.0_05 software resource in the K1000.

Click on the Scripting menu, then the Configuration Policy tab, and select MSI Installer Wizard.

Action:               Install

Software:           Java(TM) 7 Update 5 (7.0.50)

User interaction: Silent

ALLUSERS=1:    Checked

After Install:       Delete Files

Logging:            Error Messages

Log File Name:    Whateveryou want.log