Consumer Electronics Show is again here with a bang.  Commencing from drones to smart cars to remote controlled doors to eyewear, everything is available under roof. This show offers plethora of Things with users at its soul. This technology extravaganza has extended beyond the eye grabbing television technology for which it was known. Innovations on display are specifically not meant for market includes bendable screens. Potentially disruptive technology encompasses 3D printers that let users to print objects in a fashion similar to printing of documents.

The CES stage typically showcases gizmos that don’t usually get a spotlight. For instance, sensors in cars that help drivers park or enable cruise control features to alter speed depending upon the traffic, while Internet linked thermostats in home sense when resident’s smartphones are nearing to adjust temperature and to welcome them.

Door locks along with wireless connectivity and sensors can open automatically for people arriving at home or to be controlled using smartphones.

Here we have presented some of the latest gadgets that will be hitting market in sometime:

Prong Phone case- The prong phone case is ideal for iPhone.  It has a fold out plug that lets the phone to plug in directly onto the outlet. The plug can be retracted into the phone when not in use. This case of Iphone also offers a Micro USB port that allows you to charge your phone with a micro USB cord.

The cases will come around $59.95 and $69.95 depending upon the model.

Trewgrip Keyboard- This rear kind of keyboard and air mouse is perfect for Apple and android tablets.  When a key at the back is pressed, the corresponding indicator key on the front illuminates. Thus, it helps the user to locate keys on the back. The keyboard can dock devices upto 5.3 inches wide using a suction mount.

Zepp Sensor- The zepp sensor seems similar to a golf glove. This glove can be used to analyse and improve gaming performance in various games like golf, baseball and tennis. The sensor capture, measures and analyse your swing in three dimensions and records 1000 data points per second. It is an accompanying app that comes along with Ios and Android devices, which help you to analyse the game.

The game comes at the rate of $149.99.

Online Toothbrush- Kolibree toothbrush is the world’s first internet connected toothbrush. This toothbrush sends data about how brushed automatically to your smartphone. It tells you whether you brushed long enough and whether it was able to hard to reach important parts of gums and teeth.

The toothbrush will be launched late in this year and it will be priced between $99 and $200, depending upon the kind of model that you are planning to buy. It will include a free mobile app.

Android Cooking Range- The discovery iQ 48 inch cooking range comes with a 7 inch android table. This tablet runs apps and takes control of all the functions through touchscreen and lets you to connect into the home network.


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