Do you want to easily be able to store your WIM's external from the k2000?  We use our site SAN's to store and deploy wim images via windows shares.

In version 3.4

Now for 3.5 mods

The deployment part is easy, all you need to do is create a preinstallion task to remap to the server.

start /wait net use t: /delete
start /wait net use t: \\\image$ Password /user:tmccadmn\user
start /wait net use w: /delete
start /wait net use w: \\\image$ Password /user:tmccadmn\user

or to a non domain server

start /wait net use t: /delete
start /wait net use t: \\\images$ password /user:server\user
start /wait net use w: /delete
start /wait net use w: \\\images$ password /user:server\user

The capture part is the pain, but we can automate that.

On your tech station that you have the waik, kbe_man and media manager installed on:

Download the KNIT 3.4 zip file from kace

(you need an account from Kace)

unzip the download, in the "update files" directory you will see a bin file (wimcap_addon.21006php.bin)

open that bin file with 7-zip and extract the wimcap_addon.21006PHP.bin\wimcap_addon.21006PHP\upgrade\capture_wim.hta.php file.

Use notepad and edit that file and change  window.resizeTo 400,280 to  window.resizeTo 500,380 in the file.  Save that file as wim_cap.hta

copy wim_cap.hta to ...\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\Servicing and ...\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\Servicing

use the KBE_man to create a new boot env named something that makes sense to you.  I used DrMain32Capture, DrMain64Capture, MSAcad32Capture, etc

when it asks if you want to add custom lines say yes and use the 5 lines like below, modified for you environment.

net use t: /delete
net use t: \\\images$ password /user:dr-acad\user
net use w: \\\images$ password /user:dr-acad\user
mshta x:\servicing\wim_cap.hta


this will boot and start the capture window like in 3.4 days