Dell Command Configure looks to be a great tool, if you know how to interpret the language.  Unfortunately, i am not a programmer or do i know much about scripting or cmd and obviously nothing about CCTK or Command Configure.  I get by when the stuff hits the fan :/ with a lot of help from KACE support team and itninja.
What i thought Dell would have done is take the BIOS screen layouts and merry them with CCTK or Command Configure.  It seems I have to hunt and use trial and error to see which settings work for my various BIOS's.  The PDF Guides seem to focus on cmd and users understanding the code lol, not me, the new guy.  The KKE Ron Colson suggested for me is also a good video and has helped me get started in using this valuable tool, thanks Ron.
What would be really beneficial to someone with my limited skills is this:
When you open Command Configure you should have a similar interface that you would see if you entered the BIOS.  Left column with the the various groups or objects to select and then the right column to make the actual settings changes and i guess a third column to define the settings that are available and what they do.  Both Dell BIOS and Command have this similar layout, but they don't match!!  Its like learning the settings all over again and i didn't even know them very good to begin with but the BIOS page makes more sense to me.  For example, if i wanted to change the low power mode in older models i would simply select on or off / enable or disable.  If i wanted to change Deep Sleep Control, i would disable or enable / on or off radio button.  If i wanted to Block Sleep i check it, enabled or disabled done.  At the very least a guide that reference the actual setting in the BIOS with the corresponding Command Configure switches / settings.
I hope that Dell would entertain my thoughts on making this already useful tool much more useful especially for us new ones :)  And I'd love to get feedback on where i may not be looking for these answers :)