Problem: Microsoft releases a hotfix (.msu file) that needs to be applied to systems that are vulnerable.

Solution: Use wusa.exe to install the .msu file through a K1000 managed install. For this example, KB2460922 was used.


  1. Download the hotfix file from Microsoft:
  2. In this case, run the .exe file to extract the hotfix .msu file.
  3. Install the hotfix on a test machine and force a check-in/inventory update to the K1000.
  4. Upload the .msu file to the software inventory item titled "Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB2460922)". It will be under View By>Type>Patch Software.

  5. Select any operating systems you wish to deploy to in the software item.
  6. Create a MI using the following parameters:
    • Select "Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB2460922)" in the software drop-down.
    • Select the radio button for "Configure Manually".
    • For the installation command, use: wusa.exe /quiet /norestart Windows6.1-KB2460922-v2-x64.msu
      To see how to get the options, see the section below the MI.
    • Check the box for "Don't Prepend msiexec.exe".
    • Set the managed action to "Execute Anytime".
    • Assign machines that need to have the hotfix applied.
    • Set any other parameters that are needed.
    • Save.

Once the targeted systems run the MI, the patch will show up in computer inventory under Software>Installed Patches via Inventory.



wusa.exe installer options:

From a command prompt, type wusa.exe and one of the following will give you the installer options:  /?, /h or /help