Firefox --> extract the executable file.


You will see the following structure:


folder: corefolder: win32file: setup.exe


We've created one user.js (not prefs.js), because all settings in this file will be replaced after one restart of firefox. So if the user set his own mainpage and we had set another mainpage in the file user.js, the mainpage will be replaced by our default settings.


So I've created one user.js file with neeeded user settings for your customer and I placed this file in the following folder:




In this folder you can also create one subfolder with your customized "userChrome.css" and "userContent.css" files.


Content of the files (maybe):




/* hide Sync Setup and Sync Buttons */menu[label="Tools"] menuitem[label="Sync Now"], #sync-button,#sync-setup-appmenu, #sync-syncnowitem-appmenu, #sync-setup,#sync-status-button, #BrowserPreferences radio[pane="paneSync"] {display: none !important;}




/*lock about:config*/#configTree {display:none !important}


The files in the folder \core\defaults\profile will be deployed after the installation and while starting firefox.We've used also lock settings, but for this you will need to edit the file omni.ja. You will find this file in the folder \core folder.


One simple way, we've used "TotalCommander" for this. You have to edit the file "firefox.js" in the folder:


file: omni.ja folder: defaults\prefs


Now you can insert at the end of file the following lines:


// Mozilla Firefox Lock Settingspref("general.config.filename","userspecs.cfg"); --> you can use your own name for the file "userspecs.cfg" (e.g. mozilla.cfg) <--


Now you have to create the file userspecs.txt with needed settings, maybe:


lockPref("xpinstall.enabled", false);


Save this file (note: as *.txt file). We've used the tool "ByteShifter" with an off-set of 13 and save this file as "userspecs.cfg"!Now you will need to place the file "userspecs.cfg" in the folder \core, do not forget this step. Otherwise you'll getting one error while starting firefox, because the needed file "userspecs.cfg" can't be found ;).


Have fun ...