KACE Education Virtual User Group Members

Several of you were not able to attend the inaugural meeting, so we are providing the link to the recording, as promised. Many thanks to Beth and Peter for their excellent presentation: “How to manage your imaging project with KACE this summer!” The detailed explanations of both the “how to’s” and the re-imaging results will be extremely valuable to many group members this summer and in the future.

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Next Steps

The next step for your User Group is to please complete the survey which will help us plan for the future including:

  • ·        Feedback on the first webinar
  • ·        Topics for next webinar(s)
  • ·        Invitation to participate in User Experience testing
  • ·        Opportunity to meet up in person
  • ·        More

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Save the date!

Our next KACE Education Virtual User Group webinar will be in November, 2018 and will feature Eric J. Rzeszut from the University of Virginia for a topic based on the survey results. You will be sent details as we get closer to November.

Thank you again to Beth and Peter and to you for your participating in the KACE Education Virtual Group. We look forward to our next meeting in November.

See you then!

The KACE User Group Team