So I went through the proper steps and added my K1000 to my domain, and enabled my Single Sign On.  I missed a couple important steps after that, and hopefully can help anyone else troubleshooting the issue.

After I enabled the settings, I made an old mistake and moved to a new tab.  Wrong!  Need to make sure you hit the SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom which will prompt a K1000 reboot.

Now SSO works!   Kind of!  For the life of me, it wasn't 'working' when I opened DPKACE.  of course, I was using the grand Mozilla Firefox.  I tried with Internet Explorer (ugh) and it worked fabulous!  Tried it with Chrome, boom!  Works!


I found a nifty little guide on mozilla that helped me get it setup.

Follow these simple steps (and you can add your KACE specific site if you don't want it to be so general)

  1. Open up Firefox, and type in "about:config" to the URL bar.  This will display a large number of entries representing all of the configuration information in Firefox.
  2. Go to the Preference Name "network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris"
    1. Set the Value to "https://" by Double-clicking the entry and typing "https://" into the dialog
  3. Now go to the Preference Name "network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris"
    1. Set the Value to "https://" by Double-clicking the entry and typing "https://" into the dialog


I also added the same HTTP:// and HTTPS:// to this string within the about:config (which I got from another SSO guide).





With the 3 strings now set to allow firefox to trust what I tell it, SSO works great!  Hope it helps!