Let's use Firefox 11 as the thing we're looking for (it's already out of date, but you should get the idea)

This would seem like it would find all machines that don't have version 11 of Firefox.

But it doesn't work.

The logic here is seperated so the Query that is built looks for "Software Title that contians 'firefox'" and "Software Version that is not 11.0". But not neccesarily the same software. It could find Firefox 11 and Acrobat Pro 9. That would mean that machine woudl get the label applied even though it *does* have Firefox 11. 

Here's the SQL Query that is generated:

Notice the highlighted section. Each side of the arguement is asking to look for some software that meets each requirement separately. 

Here is the fix!

We are going to make it one statement so that it evaluates both the Title and the Version of a single piece of software. 

All the stuff highlighted above is duplicate. Select it and delete it.

Now the statements are connected and we just need to fix a couple of things. (Right now it's looking for Firefox AND 11.0, we want Firefox AND NOT 11.0)

Here I have highlighted the exclaimation point I've added to create "Not Equal".  

Here I have add a missing a parenthisis at the end as a result of the deleted text.


So, we end with a valid statement that works:

Happy KBOXing!