In this blog, we are here to explain to you some reasons and the methods to rename OST file to PST after OST to PST conversion. Here you will know a slight difference between the OST file and PST file. Read the write-up till the bottom line with your deep interests. 

So, let's begin with a slight difference between OST & PST files.

Both files are Outlook file types and hold the same file structure. Also, they both store the same type of mailbox data. By being an Outlook file, both Stores messages, calendar, emails, notes, contacts, tasks, etc. It is noticeable that the Outlook application is being used as a stand-alone application. If in any case, the Outlook application is connected to the Exchange server and cache exchange option is turned on, a copy of your mailbox is saved on the system, and it is called OST.

Here we will describe the common reasons to change OST file to PST. Here are some reasons:-

Reasons to Rename Outlook OST file to PST file

  • It is not the only extension, but also a file format so renaming extension is unallowed

  • Unexpected crash in exchange server, so by that make sure your connection is verified

  • The maintenance Exchange Server because there are no other ways to open mailbox items if the connection is gone

  • In the case of Data Migration, users must know that the OST file can’t be accessed in the system. To access you need to change the OST file to PST file. Migrating the OST file to PST file is helpful in the case when the organization is shifting or when the user wants to shift the data on a different system

  • When users need Backup of some Exchange Server mailbox, there the user can change the data from OST to PST.

Manual Methods to Rename OST file to PST File

Now, will discuss some methods to convert OST to PST.

Method 1: Export the mailbox as PST File:

Login to Outlook with the Exchange account which was used to create the OST files. And to import the OST mailboxes to PST, steps are given below:-

  • Go toles>>Open & Export and then hit on Import &Export

  • Choose Export to a file, press Next

  • Pick the second option>>Outlook Data File(.pst) and click Next

  • Choose the folder which you want to export and hit Next

  • Select the location where you want to save the new PST file and select the options regarding the duplicate items

Note: There is an optional choice to give a password for the PST file, but you can simply move without selecting it.

Method 2: Use ‘Auto Archiving” to save Outlook OST File to PST

By enabling the Auto archive method in Outlook, you will save the items of OST file in a separate PST file. This Archive method helps you to keep the size of the mailbox. When the size of the mailbox grows and multiple messages that are older and you don’t require the messages to be in the mailbox, then you can easily put them in the archive folder. Know how to enable Auto Archiving in Outlook by following steps:-

  • Launch the Outlook application, go to File and hit options

  • Go to advanced and hit Auto Archive settings

  • Now, choose the number of days in which you want to run the Auto Archiving. Choose the folder to save the archived file and also provide the archiving options and then finally click OK.

With this, the mailbox items from your OST files will be saved to the PST file as per archiving settings.

These are the manual methods by which you can easily rename the Outlook data file to PST easily. But these manual methods are quite complex and also consume time. For a simple and time conversion, you can use third-party professional software which is easy to handle. Now, let us talk about the professional solution for this. 

Professional Solution to Rename OST to PST:

It is an easy and reliable method to use the professional OST to PST Converter Tool for a simple conversion which will take less effort. The tool provides you better outcomes for data without wasting time or losing data. It has a high user-interface. It can also convert several OST files to PST at a time. This utility is the cheapest OST to PST Converter tool available to convert and rename OST to PST.

Final Words

We have discussed the methods by which you can easily rename OST file to PST file. We recommend you to go for the automated method for the renaming process of OST file to PST.

Because the manual method steps are lengthy to do and consume time in the procedure and also the chance of errors. The professional tool results better than the manual method. It is the best solution to convert OST to PST without Outlook.