I have observed an abnormal behavior in one of the "Smart Label" created for automatically detecting "Windows XP Critical Patches". It was not updating the patches after April 2012. I have reviewed the "SQL Statement" and found no error. After much troubleshooting what I did was that I created a new "Smart Label" with same criteria as for the one created earlier and tested it. It showed the latest patches available for Windows XP. But at the same time the old "Smart Label" also started showing the latest patches available for Windows XP under Critical impact.


So, as a troubleshooting tip, if anyone faces issues with the “Smart Label” not picking the values automatically then you can test by creating a new label with same criteria and save it. Afterwards, check the main “Smart Label” and it will also start picking the latest values.


What I find different or useful in doing this activity is that it saved a lot of time for me as if I would have deleted the current label and created a new one then I would have to update the settings in all the schedule tasks and other settings one by one and missing any one would lead to errors.