To Install Quicktime to a Windows environment by script, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new online Kscript under scripting.
  2. Upload the version of quicktime installer you want to deploy as a dependency.
  3. Under Policy and Job Rules, select Add to add a task.
  4. (optional) Add a verify option to verify the application is not previously installed.
  5. Under On Success, select Run a batch file.
  6. Populate the contents of the batch file with:

    QuickTimeInstaller.exe /extract
    msiexec /i "%cd%\QuickTime.msi" /passive DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS=NO
    msiexec /i "%cd%\AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi" /passive
    msiexec /i "%cd%\AppleApplicationSupport.msi" /passive

  7. Check Wait for startup and save the script.

The batch file will add itself to the dependency and the script should look something like this: