Yes!' And, in fact, you can do so with only a single line of PowerShell code.' But while creating that single line of code is easy (I show you how to inventory installed apps using PowerShell in the attached article), there are other issues that lie just below the surface that might cause more problems than they solve.

Creating an inventory of installed applications across all the computers in your network seems like it should be a simple task.' Heck, that software inventory is easily seen in your computer's Programs and Features Control Panel.' In this article I explain a few of the extra-simple ways that you can quickly (or, in some cases, not so quickly) gather the data you need.' Some use VBScript as their scripting language.' Others are accomplished through PowerShell.

That said, you've got to be extremely careful with how you go about interrogating your desktops for their software inventory.' I'll also share with you one particularly nagging concern about the Win32_Product WMI class.' That concern might have you second-guessing your whole do-it-yourself approach to building a software inventory solution from scratch.

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