Introducing activity feed digest emails! Now you can enjoy a personalized list of trending ITNinja content in your inbox. Available as a daily or weekly email, a digest of the 7 most popular questions, blogs and links will be sent based upon the tags you follow. Additionally, we’ll show the week’s three most active listings from the ITNinja Software Library. If you are not following enough tags to fill the list, we’ll show you what others deem interesting but for a personalized list, follow the tags in which you are most interested. All new accounts, and accounts created since ITNinja was launched (3/19/12), have been set to deliver weekly by default. Visit your profile page to review your notification settings where you may choose to get this digest email weekly, daily or not at all.

Other updates in this ITNinja update include:

  • You may now limit searches for questions to those marked as answered or unanswered (see advanced options on the search page)
  • Banned users are now presented with a notice that their account is banned along with amplifying information on how to contest that status
  • We’ve broken up the community list into Dell Software Group (DSG) communities and third party communities for clarity. Do you have an IT Pro related product you’d like to give a home at ITNinja? Let us know! Our latest edition is the Packaging Acceleration Center (PACE) suite by Infopluse.
  • You may now "join" a community. This will have more significant benefits in the future, but for now joining a DSG community will award you a "DSG customer patch"
  • You’ll now see a link to comment when browsing the blog home even when an existing comment does not present.
  • We fixed the home page welcome message which may not have looked right when profile information was incomplete
  • The software tip summary has been simplified to a plain text field for more reliable display when integrated with products in the future. Doing this may leave some tip summaries not looking so good, so please help edit any you encounter that need manual formatting attention.
  • The question comment field is now hidden by default to avoid accidental use of the question comment feature when intending to contribute answers.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements. 

Next we are focusing on improving our Software Library feature. We’ll be implementing software summary pages so you can get insight into all versions of a title in one place. We’ll add software tips to the activity feed and offer a filter to focus on them. Finally, we’ll be introducing ways to make it easier for the site admin (possibly moderators in the future) to merge Software Library listings so that duplicate listings can be cleaned up. What should we be working on next? Please user our feedback forum to help us prioritize!