Hello. I’d like to introduce myself and then tell you about the new features we’ve released today. My name is Bob Crosley, and I’m the new product manager for ITNinja. Have no fear, Bob Kelly is still very involved with our community, but I’m taking on most of the day to day responsibilities for managing the site.

Almost 2 months have passed since our last release, so it better be good, right? And it is. ITNinja just got that much better; here are the latest updates and enhancements:

  • First and foremost, with this release, ITNinja now features a Responsive Web Design. Responsive is a collection of technologies and design principles that let a site work seamlessly regardless of device. Now if you’re accessing the site from phones or tablets, you will have an experience that’s automatically tailored to your device. Making it easier for everyone to ask and answer questions, share links, post articles and software tips from tablets and phones has been a major goal of ours for some time, and after months of work, it’s finally ready.
  • We have a new option that lets you view only content you’ve created when viewing your activity feed. This way you can focus on the questions asked, blog posts written and questions answered and filter out the other stuff.
  • We have new user experience improvements for viewing star ratings on content. Before this release, we only showed the rating the logged in user chose, so for most content, no ratings showed up. Now, if you’ve rated the content, will see your rating. If you haven’t rated it, you see the average rating from all of the other users. A tooltip lets you see how many users have rated it.
  • We’ve implemented some new server-side technology to dramatically speed site performance.
  • We fixed an issue that caused blank digest emails to go out if you weren’t following any tags. Now, if you are not following tags, you will receive an email suggesting some tags you can follow. We will resume digest emails with this release.
  • We’ve also revamped the overview page for Communities to give you more information about each community.
  • As always, keep your feedback coming at: https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/139919