I've written an AutoIT script to force an inventory check-in (runkbot 4 0) and FS/MI processing (runkbot 6 0). The program outputs console text to custom logs (kbs_inventory.log and kbs_mi.log) in the install directory. I've added a splash screen as well, so you can tell what the script is doing (don't have to guess when it's done or look at processes).

Simply place the compiled EXE from my source code (both attached) in the Dell KACE Agent install directory, and run it under an account with local administrator rights (use RunAs if you're trying to run it under a restricted user account).





; AutoIt version of Dell KACE KBScriptRunner.exe


; Written by: Andy Flesner - Systems Architect

; Original: February 20, 2012

; Last Updated: February 20, 2012


#Include <File.au3>


Global $programfiles = "C:\Program Files", $errlog = $programfiles & "\Dell\KACE\KBScriptRunner_error.log"

; Determine architecture

If @OSArch = "X64" Then

$programfiles = "C:\Program Files (x86)"



; Force Dell KACE Agent Inventory

SplashTextOn("KBScriptRunner","Forcing Dell KACE Agent Inventory...",400,50)

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c "' & $programfiles & '\Dell\KACE\runkbot.exe" 4 0 > kbs_inventory.log',$programfiles & "\Dell\KACE",@SW_HIDE)

SplashTextOn("KBScriptRunner","Forcing Dell KACE Agent FS/MI Processing...",400,50)

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c "' & $programfiles & '\Dell\KACE\runkbot.exe" 6 0 > kbs_mi.log',$programfiles & "\Dell\KACE",@SW_HIDE)

SplashTextOn("KBScriptRunner","KBScriptRunner complete.",400,50)




Source - KBScriptRunner.au3

Compiled - KBScriptRunner.exe