**Article is out of date now that 5.1 is not supported anymore

  • Summary: By default the K1000 client communicates with K1000 appliance using http: over port 80.   Assuming network connectivity is in place, the most common reason newly-installed K1000 clients fail to connect to the K1000 appliance during first-time setup is a problem resolving the default "KBOX" host name in DNS.  This is to be used with 5.1 clients.
  • Symptoms: Not being able to resolve the kbox hostname by DNS
  • Cause: An issue with DNS and the hostname
  • Steps to resolve issue:

Use the following steps to troubleshoot clients which fail to inventory:

  1. If you set up the K1000 appliance in your DNS using a host name other than the default "kbox", or need clients to reach the K1000 appliance by ip address instead of by DNS name, you must install the K1000 Client specifying the SERVER property. For example:


    c:\>KInstallerSetup.exe -server=myk1000 -display_mode=silent
    c:\>KInstallerSetup.exe -server= -display_mode=silent

    OS X

    /Library/KBOXAgent/Home/bin/setkbox mykbox
    sudo sh -c 'KACE_SERVER=k1000name installer -pkg 
       /Volumes/Dell_KACE/AMPAgent.pkg -target /'


    sudo KACE_SERVER=k1000name rpm -ivh ampagent-5.3.xxxx.i386.rpm
  2. To correct the server name for an already-installed client, edit the "ServerHost" value in:
    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\amp.conf
    • OS X: /Library/Application Support/Dell/KACE/data/kbot_config/yaml
    • Linux/Solaris: /var/KACE/kagentd/kbot_config.yaml
  3. Verify the K1000 appliance is pingable and reachable via a web browser at http://k1000
  4. Verify Internet Options are not set to use proxy, or proxy is excluded for the local network and/or K1000 appliance
  5. Verify no firewall or anti-spyware software is blocking communication between the K1000 appliance and any of client components, including:
    • KBOXManagementService.exe (AMPAgent.exe in version 5.2 and newer)
    • KBOXClient.exe
    • KUpdater.exe
    • kagentd (OS X/ Unix) (AMPAgent in version 5.2 and newer)
  6. Verify that the KBOXManagementService.exe(Windows) or the kagentd(OS X/ Unix) processes are running. The agent will show up as 'perl' in the OS X Activity Monitor. 

If after verifying these items, you are still unable to get the client to connect to the K1000 appliance, please contact KACE Support for further assistance