This utility is designed to check permissions and configurations required for the
KACE Systems Deployment Appliance's (SDA) Online USMT Scan to complete successfully.

Download (requires support maintenance credentials)

Instructions for use:

1) Log into the target device with the same credentials specified in the online USMT scan

2) Run the USMT Advisor utility and it will run it's tests

3) If there are issues found, click on the Fix it button.
    If a reboot is required to make changes, a Reboot button will show up.
    The device will need to be rebooted before you can continue.

4) Once the issues are addressed, the utility will display a message stating 'Device scanning can now be tested'.
    Stay logged into the target device and initiate the User State Scan from the SDA web interface.

5) When the online scan from the SDA finishes and the user states are uploaded,
    you can check the box to delete the USMT Advisor application (if desired) and press Quit.

6) USMT Advisor creates an undo_fixes.exe file after completetion that will reset the machine back
    to the way it was before USMT Advisor was first run.
    This file should only be run on the machine from which it was created.