The KACE Systems Management Appliance now offers an easier way to automate the backup process of your appliance.   In earlier versions, there were two backup options available, (1.) manually backup via the web interface or (2.) use an FTP Client and script to transfer your backups to a predetermined location.

In 9.0 we can now take advantage of the newly improved Offboard Backup Transfer Settings to schedule an automatic backup of your appliances settings and database.  Once configured, the appliance copies nightly backup files to an external location each time it completes the backup process.  There are three protocols that can be used during this process, Samba, FTP & SFTP.   Select which one works best in your environment.

To configure an offboard backup transfer, please complete the following:
     1. Identify a storage location in the environment where the KACE SMA backups can be stored
     2. Go to Settings > Backup Settings
     3. Scroll down to Offboard Backup Transfer Settings
     4. To Disable Offboard Backup Transfer, uncheck the box to enable the setting (disabled by default)
     5. For Offboard Backup Transfer Protocol, use the drop-down box to choose between the following types Samba, FTP or SFTP
     6. For Offboard Backup Transfer Server, enter the hostname or IP of the desired storage location
     7. For Path or Share Name, enter the path of the directory on the device where backups will be stored
     8. For User Name, enter the user name necessary for the storage location
     9. For User Password, enter the password associated to the user in step 8
   10. Click Save at the bottom of the page to keep the changes made
   11. Optional: Use the Test button next to the password to test the share.  If the test is successful, you will notice a test text file in the location selected for the backup files


Note: This feature is new to 9.0 and was not available in previous versions.
Please use this link for a video walk through of the new Offboard Backup Transfer process in 9.0.