So last year I wrote a blog suggesting that you could use the Useful Links section of your KACE end user console as a Service Catalog.                    Ke8cOn.png

By creating task specific queues in Your KACE servicedesk, you can present your end user with a custom ticket layout for them to make requests i.e. Office moves, New Equipment requests etc


This is presented in the Useful links section by capturing the URL for a new ticket screen in the Useful Link

To refer back to that original post, click the link below, I believe all of its content still works

But did you know that you can also do exactly the same thing with a process??!!

If you want your end user to not only log a single ticket, but also set a process in motion then carry out the following steps.

  • First create your process, setting up all of the ticket stages that are required
  • Next change your URL for your kace box view from <KACE_BOX_NAME>/admin to <KACE_BOX_NAME>/adminui
  • Then start your process within your KACE box and capture the complete URL that is displayed when opening the initial process ticket
  • Finally create your Useful link and use that URL as the link


And there you go, clicking on that useful link starts the process running

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