Maintain the KUID of a system during the imaging process


A duplicate asset of a system may appear on the K1000 if the system gets a new KUID.


If the KUID of a system is not maintained, then an install of the agent to a re-imaged machine may create a duplicate asset on the K1000 as the agent creates a new KUID.



Starting with version 3.5, the K2000 will now get the KUID of a system, store it temporarily and then copy it to the workstation after deployment.
If you wish for the KUID to be applied to the system as a post installation task, then you need to add the built in post install task, "Apply KUID to KBOX1000 Agent."

For the Macintosh, we have some scripts that can used to implement this process.
Unzip the downloaded file. Put the extracted files into the restore share and then import them into the K2000.

Download Maintain KUID for Macintosh
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