it has been quite a hazzle to install or uninstall Visual Studio Enterprise on a Win7 machine.

So here is it is.

\\ShareName\vs_Enterprise.exe" /AdminFile "\\ShareName\DeploymentConfig.xml" /ProductKey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX /passive /norestart
Within the deploymentConfig.xml modify the the line to 

<BundleCustomizations TargetDir="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0" NoCacheOnlyMode="yes" NoWeb="yes" NoRefresh="yes" SuppressRefreshPrompt="yes" Feed="default" />

Even after using the switches /full /NoWeb /NoRefresh it would not allow you to do the full installation.

"C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{675a5109-38d6-406c-9e75-d0e922f87a58}\vs_enterprise.exe" /uninstall /force /passive

Using this as the uninstall string as the removes the whole application as a bundle.

If you are using anything before Update 2 it would ask you to update the application before you try to uninstall it. So get the latest version of the application and then do the install and then the uninstall.