You are having problems replicating files to your replicaiton machine. 


-.part file appears to continue to grow and grow

-file doesn't finish downloading

-curl errors:


[Tue Jul 17 08:59:59 2012] DownloadFile: 'D:\KaceRep\repl2\software\13197\' error occurred: 'Failed writing body (16383 != 16384)' Error Code (23), url: 
[Tue Jul 17 08:59:59 2012] DownloadFile: Downloaded D:\KaceRep\repl2\software\13197\Adobe_CS6_Design_Standard-Wind

First, just try taking the following URL and putting it in a web browser and see if it downloads: 

Notate the results, then run the below. 

1. Download curl and psexec.exe and associated files. Extract the contents to a folder. 
2. open a comand prompt Run as Administrator and navigate into that folder. 
3. Run the following from command line: 
psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe 

That should open up a new command prompt window as local system. 
To confirm, type in "whoami" minus the quotes in the new command window and it should say nt authority\system as the user. 

4. From within the new command prompt, navigate to the folder we extracted the files to. 
Run the follow command line: 

curl.exe -C - -O -vk 

This should download the file to the directory you're currently in. 


Next, compare the checksums for the file on the server and the copy of the file you downloaded. 

You can use the output from the curl process to get the checksum. 

Look at the line for 'Etag'. That is the checksum, minus the dashes (-). 

Then you can use a md5 checksum verify to verify the checksums match.


If they're different, then something in between the KBOX and client is causing a problem with the download.