Dear ITNinja community,

The latest version of PACE Suite  is now available at
PACE Suite provides a full set of features for repackaging, tailoring and authoring installations in MSI and App-V format. It has become an effective replacement of bulky tools and studios, for both IT solution providers and internal enterprise use.

What's new in PACE Suite 3.3

MSI Editor:

  • Import of Merge Modules
  • Ability to add Standard Actions via Custom Action tab
  • Row Reference tracking for delete and update operations in the Tables tab
  • View, select or import new icon for “Add and Remove Programs Control Panel”
  • Import Upgrade information from the selected MSI packages automatically
  • New design of the Files gives ability to distinguish empty folders
  • Hide empty folders option
  • Import files and folders more easily and faster with new wizard
  • Extract COM information from imported files using new wizard
  • New design and toolbox for convenient work in the Registry tab
  • Create advertised and non-advertised shortcuts in a new simplified way
  • Create URL shortcuts
  • Import shortcuts
  • View, select or import new icon for shortcuts
  • Convert non-advertised shortcuts to advertised ones and vise-versa
  • Ability to create new features and components in the Features/Components tab
  • Import files/folders or REG files directly to selected component or feature
  • Manage features and components structure using drag-n-drop

MSI Generator :

  • Ability to create a new empty project and import resources manually

A large number of bugs have been fixed.

More information you can find in the Release notes at