NOTE: This is tested on Windows 7

Here is my recipe for installing QuickTime Player 7.71:

Download the installer from Apple:

Save the file to your computer

Extract the QuickTimeInstaller.exe to a folder

Open up the folder and find the contents of the .exe

Contents are as follows:

1) AppleApplicationSupport.msi

2) AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi

3) QuickTime.msi

4) QuickTimeInstallerAdmin.exe

DELETE: #2 & #4 and that will leave you with only:

* AppleApplicationSupport.msi

* QuickTime.msi

Open Notepad:

copy and paste the following between begin/end copy:

----begin copy----

msiexec /i AppleApplicationSupport.msi /qn

msiexec /i QuickTime.msi

del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\QuickTime Player.lnk"

----end copy----

Save the file as QuickTime_Installer.bat in the same folder as the extracted .exe

Now then, when you want to install QuickTime, just right click on the QuickTime_Installer.bat and Run as Administrator