We at PACE team receive lots of questions regarding our App-V Generator (a part of PACE Suite), and App-V 5.0, so we decided to post some information.

Quite a popular need of customers is to have 2 instances of the same app virtualized on the same client. To enable this, a change of guids in an App-V package is needed. “Save as new package” functionality which did the job was present in MS Sequencer 4.6 but it is missing in Sequencer 5.0. So the only way to achieve this with Sequencer 5.0 now is to sequence an app again!

Question 1: Does App-V Generator support App-V 5.0?
Answer: No, current version supports App-V 4.6 only. But 5.0 support is under development and will be released soon.

Question 2: Will the problem described above be solved with App-V Generator for App-v 5.0?
Answer: Yes. Current version allows to edit nearly everything in App-V 4.6 package, and this will be possbile for 5.0, as well.

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PACE Suite team