Hi all,

me again with a little add-on for the SDA. Recently i had the request to hide every popup like Dos-Boxes or PowerShell-Windows during the system deployment. For a better understanding here is a picture of my task :)



 As you can see the popup is blocking the view to the task list and the progress bar.

I've created a little tool which will run as a pre- & post install task. It will set the focus to the deployment window every second. So every script, application or whatever will switch to the background and you will always have the clean status page in front of you and your customers. Of course you need to duplicate the task and run it again after a restart in your post-install routine.

If there is an error in your deployment and the error page appears the script will pause. So you can work with notepad / cmd or whatever until you resume your task execution. You can manually pause the script with the key combination mentioned in the task description (you'll see it after an import to your SDA).

The tool is delivered as it is and has no support - questions will be answered here.

Download here: Download