Why did I post this as 'best practise'??
This started from a weird discussion. Getting apps on to a 'kiosk machine', plan was to put no apps onto a kiosk machine (like the App-V client) so they would run RDS sessions. This has changed. I am asked can I make an MSI for it.
An MSI to install the App-V app...?? Wait, what?!? so here is the punch line..

For a laugh I went along with it.
We did an app a long time ago, about a year. Finally got it all working in App-V, now we need an extra non App-v package.

so, the plan is, using the App-V 'Expand Package to Local System' to capture that result to make an MSI to install the physical app.

yep, this is as bad as it sounds..

  1. do a before capture with an MSI packaging tool
  2. expand Package to Local System
  3. do an after capture with an MSI packaging tool
  4. convert the result to an MSI


I remember talking to a vendor about making a tool to convert ThinApp to App-V, App-V to MSI etc, I laughed at them, but here I am....

I will let you know how it goes.