So thought I would wrap these up nice and quickly to give me some useful pleasing apps to be available in VM View via app-V (for the new client who are keen to see it in action), should be a walk in the park...

So, last sequence the app, test it out, beautiful,
tweak it a bit, still beautiful.
tweak again, it doesn’t work.

Go back a stage (to an un tweaked version, still doesn’t work)

retest, now it works...
test the other one that didn't work, it now works.

So back and forth for WAY too long on this. Way way too long 

Having a chat to some peoples...'try using a diff sequencer, with out a service pack'
(Currently I have App-V v5 SP1 Seq and Client) latest available version is SP2 (so this could be 'my fault') and SP3 is as I understand on its way.

Just re sequenced it in app-V v5 RTM. (No service pack)

Tested the app, rock solid... (with the tweaks)

3 or 4 rewinds, running as std user, also first launch by double clicking a file, all good.
(I use the MSI to install App-V package)

This is all for Visio, but I was having similar issues with Project 2010, so I will re sequence that with the RTM seq.

Also, just in case anyone is interested in the details....
Sequencing Visio and Project separately (kind of obvious) it was Visio Standard and Project Professional, both with SP2, using KMS activation via the all too familiar 'Office 2010 Deployment Kit AppV v14.0.4763.1000'