In our organization we moved to a computer naming convention that does not directly associate a user to the computer name. To help computer/user identification we have started putting more user specific information in the computer description field on Windows machines. We currently use the K2000 system to deploy our system images and love the 'get-set computer name' script that was made to use with it. We needed a more efficient way to populate the computer description field so I set out to make a script that would function like the 'get-set computer name' script but for the description. I found a way to do it with 3 scripts that get applied to our KACE images. The first script is applied as a preinstallation task and placed at the beginning, the second is applied as a mid-level task, and the third is applied as a postinstallation task. When you kick of the imaging process you are prompted with a text box to enter the desired computer description (similar to the get computer name script), it is then stored in a text file on the K2000. At the mid-level task it reads that text file and stores the contents in another text file on the local machine and then deletes the file on the K2000. Then during the postinstallation task the local text file is read and the string is applied to the appropriate REG key.

We have found this to be extremely helpful and more efficient than our old process of manually setting the description after the image was applied. Getting people to remember to do it was the hardest part; now they don't have to remember. I have put the 3 script files plus instructions into a ZIP file and made it available for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fiaju0lyleywvak/apply_Comp_Desc.zip 

I hope you will find this as helpful as we have!