Most of us love remoting into the KBE with the built in Ultra VNC (UVNC).  I wanted to take this a step further so that we could remote into the Windows OS during post install (PO) tasks using the same credentials/setup as the KBE, and have it removed at the end, but survive reboots.

I have included a download containing three tasks that will do just that.  Download the .zip file and decompress.
*Note: you must be a member of the K2000 ITNinja Community to download this file.

Browse to your K2000, Settings and Maintenance | Package Management | Import Packages.  From the choose action drop down menu, select Upload Package for Import.  Choose each of the three .pkg files provided.

The "UVNC Copy Files to Workstation" task is a midlevel task that will copy the appropriate UVNC files from the K2000 and copy them down to the local workstation.

The "UVNC Run" task should be the first PO task.  This task will check the current profile firewall settings, If the firewall is active, the task record this setting and disable the current profile setting.  It adds an entry to the "Run" registry so that it will persist through reboots and then launches the application.

The "UVNC Quit" task should be the last PO task.  This task will quit the application, remove the key from the "Run" registry, and restore the firewall setting recorded.

*Note, these tasks have been configured to disable the current profile firewall setting only.  Any other firewall settings will need to configured manually, such as domain profiles.

In a "typical" environment, the IP address of the machine while in Windows, should be the same as it was in KBE and connections to the machine should remain the same.