As a consultant and trainer, one gets to see plenty of IT environments.  One also gets to hear about all the problems.  What's interesting about all those problems is that many of them have the same solutions.  One such solution-for-many-problems is application control.

You know the storyline.  You've got this application, call it AppABC, that behaves well most of the time.  But it has this checkbox.  When users click that checkbox, the app goes nuts, crashes, loses data, explodes into tiny little pieces, all of which have to be put back together again.  By you.

You know it's that checkbox.  You know when they call into the help desk that unchecking that box solves the problem.  If there were only a way to ensure the box remained unchecked.

Luckily there is.  In fact, there are a couple of different ways to keep that box unchecked.  Logon scripts, Group Policy Preferences, even third-party solutions can all bring control to your applications and ensure your forty-hour work week remains at forty hours.

Learn exactly how to uncheck that nasty box in this article, Lock Down Apps & Reduce Help Desk Calls with Registry Policies.  While you're here, spend a minute telling us about the applications – and their nasty checkboxes – that you've dealt with before.  Together we can control every application!