DevOps is a growing trend in the enterprise as an operational response to application centricity. Organizations today rely more than ever on their applications, as do their customers. As infrastructure becomes more virtualized, development more agile and business more dependent on applications – IT Operations is being called upon to provide a faster release cycle for applications.

Tools such as Puppet and Chef provide part of the answer – but they lack the enterprise application and release centric view needed for enterprise release operations.

In this exciting event, you will learn about:

  • The challenges of deploying applications in Open Source tools such as Puppet and Chef
  • The need for a release centric view in enterprise release operations
  • Leveraging Nolio’s Application Release Operations Suite with Puppet to achieve enterprise DevOps nirvana

Join Dr. Jacob Ukelson, Nolio’s VP of Product Strategy, as he demonstrates Nolio’s integration with Puppet and how this meets the needs of Dev, Ops and the business.

Following the presentation, all participants will be given the opportunity to talk directly with Dr. Ukelson in a dedicated Question and Answer Session.

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