Startup Repair is the available recovery tool in the System Recovery Options menu. This tool is used to scan your computer and fix missing or damaged system files that abrupt Windows from starting properly. When Windows 7 declines to boot properly, this tool is used to scan your PC for issues such as damaged system files or an invalid boot file, then helps you to fix these problems. But sometimes while using this tool you may face an error “Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically ”. This error is displayed when the startup repair fails to solve some issues of your system. 

Problem Signatures Variables:

The error will display on the window of your system. If you tap on the option View problem details, it will display more details but there are no solutions. Only computer particular variables will be shown as the following:-

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline

Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385

Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385

Problem Signature 03: unknown

Problem Signature 04: 21200442

Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover

Problem Signature 06: 65

Problem Signature 07: CorruptFile

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Locale ID: 1033

On different operating systems, the problem signature shows different variables. After discussing the problem signature variables. Let’s discuss the reasons for the failure of Startup repair. 

Why did Startup repairs fail?


Following are the various reasons due to which the start-up Repair fails:-

  • When a susceptible device is connected to your computer.

  • If the file system of the system disk is corrupted.

  • The MBR i.e, Master Boot Record of the hard drive is damaged.

  • Due to malicious attacks, disk write errors or power interruption on your disk. 

Methods to  solve error "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically" in Windows 10/8/7

Method 1. Eliminate Peripheral Devices

According to Microsoft, if you have recently adhered to any device to your computers such as a camera or portable music player. Then remove these devices and restart the system. Sometimes, Windows fails to repair the computer automatically due to the connected device.

If this method does not go well for you, then do not panic. There are various other ways for you to fix Windows startup repair can not repair this computer automatically.

Method 2. Execute Bootrec.exe

Bootrec can also be termed as bootrec.exe utility, is a tool given by Microsoft in the Windows Recovery Environment. Bootrec.exe is used to solve the issue  Master Boot Record (MBR), Boot Sector, Boot Configuration (BCD), and boot.ini. If the problem is caused due to the damaged MBR or BCD that caused the problem, then we can go with this solution. But this method needs a Windows recovery disk. Execute the Bootrec.exe to fix Windows Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically by following the methods:- 

In Windows 7

Step 1. Restart the computer and click on "F8" once you view the Windows logo.

Step 2. Go to the advanced boot options and select "Repair Your Computer".

Step 3. View the system recovery options and select "Command Prompt".

Step 4. Provide the commands below as following: 

              bootrec /fixmbr 


               bootrec /fixboot 


Method 3. Execute CHKDSK

As discussed above, bad sectors and file system errors on your hard drive may be the reason to receive the error message "Windows startup repair can not repair this computer automatically”. Executing CHKDSK enables users to check and repair disk errors along with bad sectors and file system errors.

Step 1. Restart the system and click on "F8" once you get the Windows logo.

Step 2. Go to the advanced boot options and select "Repair Your Computer".

Step 3. In the system recovery options, select "Command Prompt".

Step 4. Provide the command below:

                  chkdsk C: /f /r

"C" is the drive letter of the Windows installation drive of your system.

Method 4. Run Windows System File Checker Tool

Windows System File Checker tool is used to check and repair lost or damaged Windows system files on your computer. You do not require to install the Windows CD on the system to use this utility. All you need to do is just boot into the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 1. Restart your computer. Once it starts, Tap on "F8" in 1-second intervals until your Windows logo is displayed.

Step 2. Now, view the menu of "Advanced Boot Options".  From this option select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt".

Step 3. Go to Command Prompt and type the below-given command:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=d:\ /offwindir=d:\windows

Step 4. Restart your computer. 

Method 6. Repair Startup Error Without System Backup

If you have not created system backup, Solving the issue "Windows startup repair can not repair this computer automatically"  will be more difficult. In such a case, you should Clean Install/Reinstall Windows OS.


Clean Install/ Reinstall is the best way to solve the error if you don't have a system restore point on your PC.  All you have to do is just go to Microsoft for online assistance. And follow the guidance. 

Above we discussed are the best possible methods to fix Startup Repair Cannot Repair This Computer Automatically error. But solving this error is not enough here. As it does not mean that your restored system and data are secure.  Malware attack, system failure, system crash, data loss, and several unknown errors may occur at any instant of time. So you must have the system back up to stand in such a situation. 


Final Verdicts

"Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically" is really an exhausting and difficult issue of Windows. Here, in this blog, we discussed some of the best possible methods to solve this issue. But still, if you fail to solve this issue then don’t panic. You just handover your system to the professionals. These professionals will repair your system. I hope this blog will be proven helpful to you. Thanks for reading this blog.