Another article has been released (by recommending that organizations move to Windows 7 rather than wait for Windows 8. They make some interesting points around the viability of that release. Because of the huge changes in the interface, there are many implications to end users, support staff and application vendors. Gartner research has  backed up these claims and have labelled Windows 8 a “plumbing release”, like Windows 2000 or Vista, with the suggestion that enterprises should wait until the following OS is released. Application vendors will need to figure out how to best deploy their applications on Windows 8 and some compatibility issues will not have been completely worked out for some time. In the case of Vista, many software vendors decided to drop support for that OS, leaving some users high and dry.

 At least half of all organizations either have, or are in the process of moving to Windows 7. This huge adoption ensures that most vendors will be supporting their software on that platform. Further, the tools, and expertise needed to move to Windows 7 has been tested and proven. The same can’t be said for Windows 8, and this may leave organizations paying large amounts of money to Microsoft for extended support on XP while they wait vendors to release compatible software for Windows 8.

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