Professional Developers Can Now Use Wise for Windows Installer to Author Any Type of Windows Installation Including New Functionality for Creating Data-Driven Web Application Installs

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wise Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Altiris, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATRS - News), today announced the release of Wise for Windows Installer 6.0. The latest release of Wise for Windows Installer allows professional software developers to create reliable Windows Installer (.MSI) installations for desktop, Web, server and mobile applications including enhanced functionality for creating installations for data-driven Web applications.

Wise for Windows Installer Enterprise Edition is the only Windows Installer authoring tool to allow developers and development teams the ability to diagnose and fix potential conflicts before an application is released. It also helps developers pinpoint how application installations may be affected by a production environment's configuration.

"Installing web applications requires much more than copying web pages and assemblies," said Bill Wagner, co-founder of SRT Solutions and president of the Great Lakes .NET user group. "Installation developers must set permissions for the site and for the individual pages, configure authentication, modify web.config files and possibly install databases. The 6.0 release of the Wise for Windows Installer supports each of these activities. It will dramatically cut the time needed to create a professional, full-featured installer for enterprise Web applications."

Wise for Windows Installer 6.0 now includes:

* Integrated installation development in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE

* Extended, automated support for authoring data-driven Web applications

* Installation management features for team collaboration and developing installations for complex environments

* Support for the latest technologies, including .MSI 3.0, IIS 6.0, the Microsoft .NET Framework, MTS/COM+ and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

Wise for Windows Installer is a comprehensive .MSI installation authoring solution that offers a stand-alone authoring environment and the ability to author directly inside Microsoft Visual Studio .NET's IDE. Development teams of any size can create any type of .MSI installation, from simple CD-based installations to complex ASP.NET applications for installation on multiple Web servers. Wise for Windows Installer helps developers properly test installations and adhere to .MSI standards, preventing common deployment disasters that disrupt end user and developer productivity.

"The first-of-its-kind installation management features in Wise for Windows Installer Enterprise Edition allow development teams to manage the complexity of installation resources by storing components in a centralized repository, accessible by all developers regardless of location," said Robert Crosley, Wise Solutions product manager for development tools.

"Professional developers have experienced a legacy of complicated manual processes for creating installations for server and data-driven Web applications. Now developers can use Wise for Windows Installer to create complex Web application installations as easily as a basic desktop installation."

Wise Solutions is hosting several live webcasts that are open to the public beginning September 14 and running to September 23, including:

* What's New in Wise for Windows Installer 6

* Installation Management: Learn how to reliably install applications into complex environments

* How To Install and Configure Data-Driven Web Applications

For registration and information on these events, please visit www.Wise .com/wfwi_webcasts.asp

Availability and Pricing

Wise for Windows Installer is available in Enterprise, Professional and Standard editions. Upgrade pricing is available. Please visit www.Wise .com/wfwi.asp, e-mail or call 734 456 2100 for evaluation and sales information.

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