The standard and extended support releases are located on Mozilla’s ftp server. The releases are stored numerically in the /firefox/releases directory. There are many minor builds so be sure to get the major build for ease of deployment. Inside the win32 directory there are two executables you’ll need the full installer not the stub. The latest major builds are in the following directories. /firefox/releases/35.0/win32/en-US/ /firefox/releases/36.0/win32/en-US/ /firefox/releases/37.0/win32/en-US/ The esr edition of Firefox only comes as a full installer. The latest extended support releases are in the following directories. /firefox/releases/31.4.0esr/win32/en-US/ /firefox/releases/31.5.0esr/win32/en-US/ /firefox/releases/31.6.0esr/win32/en-US/ If you would prefer to download the esr edition from Mozilla’s organizations page it’s available at the link below for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There also have it localized in every imaginable language too.