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Hi Folks ,

Currently our K1000 appliance is at version 9.0 , our agent version is 7.2.0 .
Planning to upgrade all agents to version 9 , is it best practice to skip version 8.1 and directly upgrade version 9  ?

Kindly suggest !! 

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This is no problem.
Since an agent installation is a full installation with an uninstall of the old agent this is no problem.
To do so go to Settings | Provisioning | Agent Updates and upload the agent-kbin from the download page.
After the upload enable it and choose all devices (or the labels you want to do so) and let it go.

During the next check in the agents will be updated step by step. This means not all agents may updated directly with the first check in but over the next check ins.
Especially if you use replication shares and the agents are not yet updated.

Answered 11/12/2018 by: Nico_K
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  • I think i already have it on update , i just need to apply and let go on this.
    About the system tray icon it works only on agents 9.0 or even with 7.2 ?
    • it works with 9.0 if enabled.
      • you mean with appliance 9.0 or agent 9.0?
      • you need to have the appliance and the agent on 9.0 _AND_ Agent Status Icon On Device check box enabled (maybe you need to reboot the client if you enable it later)

        You can find it under Settings|Provisioning|Communication Settings (non orgs enabled)
        Systemui|Organizations|<the ORG in question>|Communication and Agent Settings

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Yes you can. You should not have any issues.

Appliance updates are the ones that need to

be done in order.

Answered 11/11/2018 by: akmagnum
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