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We are in the process of updating the ampagent and for whatever reason the installation will not complete successfully. My syntax is the same as previous installations but it's not adding the "amp.conf" file to the C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE directory. Here's what worked in the past....

msiexec /i ampagent.msi HOST=servername.com /qn

Did something change in the new version that I'm not aware of? No one at Kace seems to know what I'm asking..... Please help!

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  • This is only for new deployments and I'm deploying it as a Post Install Task through the K2. I go to the post installation page in the K2 and select add new K1000 agent installer which provides the default syntax to install the agent along with pointing to the host. It just doesn't work with this version; 5.5.25198.
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According to p.453, it should be similar, but the /qn is next to the /i: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/~/media/Files/Support/Documentation/K1000/v55/K1000-Administrator-Guide.ashx

How are you deploying the agent?  Another option would be to rename the msi file.

Answered 11/21/2013 by: jknox
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If you are upgrading agents why are you pushing like an install? Have you tried the recommended upgrade method?

Answered 11/21/2013 by: jdornan
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  • Oops, I missed that.
  • This is for new deployments with the K2. The upgrades are being done with the K1.

- the order of arguments to MSIExec is irrelevant
- surely the MSI handles upgrades itself? If it doesn't, the vendor needs approaching with The Packager's Baseball Bat.

Answered 11/22/2013 by: VBScab
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I know this is an old thread but using 3.6 I had a similar problem. It appears that you cannot use /qb to install the agent. Change to /qn and it runs fine. 
Answered 07/22/2014 by: John Price
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Finally got it to work with the following syntax


msiexec /i  ampagent-5.5.30275-x86_K1000.msi HOST=K1000 /qn

Answered 08/22/2014 by: geofft
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Disregard the msiexec /i ampagent_<FQDN>.msi /qn because I tested it and it didn't work. This came from Dell Kace support and I thought it was odd that the fqdn bein in the msi name. I didn't think it would work but they got my hopes up.... Apologies for posting prematurely.


Answered 12/02/2013 by: jsunderman
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  • You have to rename the file with the FQDN and the command has to be all caps, at least the FQDN does. e.g. msiexec /i ampagent_FQDN.COM.msi /qb
    • and did this work for you, because it's not working for me... I don't see anything about this change in the Administrator guide either. The documentation on changes with Kace is beyond frustrating... It's a decent product, but the effort put forth is less than an average by the kace team lately.
      • Did not work for me either...

Okay, I got my answer to this one. The "HOST=your.server.name.com" doesn't work anymore with 5.5. The correct syntax is "msiexex /i ampagentname_your.server.name.com.msi /qb" which I am testing as I post this.

Answered 12/02/2013 by: jsunderman
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  • Can't seem to get this to work. Agents do not add after we updated to 5.5. Must manually add agents through K1000 box. What is proper syntax?