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Hello Guys,

After spending couple of hours researching and looking for the solution over the internet, i figured out this is my last resort.

I'm working as a packager for one firm and the issue I'm facing is as follows:

For visualization and VM management we are using VMWare vSphere. The latest version of VMtools installs the  Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable as well.

We pack Redistributable as separate packages and are used as prerequisites for other applications we pack.

Since VC2017 is now present on the VMs, application that I need to pack wont install it so I'm looking for the best way to check if applications require VC2017 or not.

Did anyone had the similar problem ?
What would you guys suggest and what would be the best way to check this?

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  • Are you looking to check to see if the application you're packaging requires Visual C++, or checking if the computer you're going to install the application on is missing Visual C++?
    • Yeah, I'm missing the way to check if application installs VC2017 alongside itself, since its already present on the system.

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You're working as a packager and asking this question?!? Hmmm...

The obvious first step is to edit the ARP entry which is where most installers go to check installed state.

Answered 04/16/2019 by: VBScab
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  • What should i edit there?
    • I'm afraid that your ignorance of the answer to that question demonstrates to me with alarming clarity that you are seriously under-qualified to be anywhere near software support, much less packaging applications.
Serious mental issues...

I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe get those sorted first, then come back to the problem at hand.

Answered 04/17/2019 by: VBScab
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