I have a report that's generated weekly that I'm trying to get KACE to create a label from. I understand how to get the PC names into a label. I already have a label that I can throw REGEX into. However, I was hoping there was a solution that would allow me to have KACE automatically create a label from a text file that gets downloaded to either my machine or a file-share. I was looking at using the ShellCommandTextReturn fuction, but I'm not sure how to connect that to a smart label to populate with the line items on the report.txt that I have generated. 

Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Can you provide some more information about the content of the text file and where it comes from? If the information is coming from a different data source, then it will probably be difficult to accomplish, but if the data is coming from KACE, then there might be an easier method.
  • The file just has device names on separate lines. It's coming from an externally generated report, but can be downloaded and saved pretty much anywhere. Ultimately we're using a script that pushes patching software to a label. I currently just fill in the SQL for the label with the REGEX names for each machine. I was hoping to connect the downloaded csv/txt/whatever format is needed to the label/SQL somehow so that once a new report is pulled down with device names the label will automatically pull the names in and generate so that the script can auto-run every x-hours.
    • Getting data like that into the K1 isn't the easiest task. Your best option might be to create a script elsewhere that creates a file on the computers in question. You can then detect for the presence of that file with a Custom Inventory Rule and base your smart label on that. Alternatively, if the data on the external system can be queried by each machine (i.e. a script runs and contacts the server and asks if it meets certain criteria), then you can setup a script or possibly even a Custom Inventory Rule to perform that process. The Smart Label would then be updated automatically every time the machine updates its inventory.

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