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Blocking minor upgrade from specific version using installshield

08/05/2018 405 views
I have application with version 1.4.0.x. This version is upgrade-able from version 1.3.0. (This is achieved by changing product version and package code changes). What I want to achieve is, if system has any lower version from 1.3.0 is installed then upgrade should not happen (i.e. system has 1.2.0 is installed). How to achieve that ? I wrote custom action but that gets executed only after  "ISSetupFilesExtract". I want this to happen when installer is launched.
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  • Have you looked at VersionMin and VersionMax in the upgrade table? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/msi/upgrade-table
  • Which, if any, system are you using to deploy it?

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