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I recently set up a new virtual KACE 1000 and I am trying to configure it.

When scanning my inventory most computers have a truckload of software installed that I want to remove.

What I want to do:
Add all the undesired software to a lable "Undesired Software"
Make a policy that applies to "All computers that have software, listed in Undesired Software, installed"
Uninstall all the software, listed in Undesired Software, that is installed on the selected computer.

Is this posible?
If so, how?
If not, any suggestions? 

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You may need to just target each piece of software individually. Create a Managed Install and choose "Configure Manually" and check off "Un-Install using Full Command Line"...making it a managed "un"-install. Use the un-install string for the software in question. Target it to you computers with the labeling of your choice. Once targeted - it will be removed from the machines in question at next check-in. It sounds a bit overwhelming to try to tackle it all at once...at least for me. I would do it piece by piece.

Answered 03/20/2014 by: jegolf
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  • So if I detected 4 versions of iTunes I would have to make 4 un-install jobs, one for each version?
    • Or use a batch file as part of your managed uninstall. Place the all uninstall strings in one batch file. Here's an example of all Java uninstall strings.

      http://www.74k.org/java-uninstall-remove-guids-strings, for instance. For Java, I ran somethign similar to find and remove any old version of Java prior to my Java 7 Update 40 install (which I tacked on to the end of the uninstall batch file).

I was in the above mentioned KKE about this.  I shared with everyone a script and I have written about it here in my 1st blog post.  If you have questions, let me know!


Answered 03/20/2014 by: spinuzer
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That's a complicated request depending on just how many different software installs you have.

I would start by making a smart label to get that software into one label. That's going to take some massaging. With 5.5 there are no limits on the number of criteria. So, depending ont he volume of software, you might be able to use criteria like "Software Titles" "Begins with" or "Contains" followed by your criteria then OR and start a new line with your next product. Test and then save when you have it the way you want.

Next, have your machines Inventory and they will be added to that smart label as they meet the criteria. 

At that point you could perhaps utilize a Managed Install to run a batch file that runs the uninstall strings against each of those software titles. You can get the strings from your Software titles. You could then target that Managed Install to your label.

Again, this will require lots of testing but sounds doable, assuming you are talking a manageable number of products.

Answered 03/20/2014 by: rockhead44
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  • There was a KKE this morning that talked about this exact topic.
    "Application Uninstalls 101"
    the recording probably won't be up for a bit though.

I tested this script and works perfect on software that is installed in Program directory but I have users that are using Spotify.I would like to remove it but Spotify doesnt install into program directory but under the individual user profile. How can I remove this software using some type of script and K1000?

Answered 03/21/2014 by: gpuk1234
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